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Skillbond stock a comprehensive range of Dental Laboratory equipment and tools which, combined with our unrivalled level of after sales service, technical back up and 'in stock' policy, make us the first choice when making important purchasing decisions, The equipment shown in this catalogue represents the best available in the UK today and is only selected for representation after stringent field testing by our technicians.

Myerson FlexPress Injection System

The Myerson FlexPress automated injection system is capable of injecting a wide variety of thermoplastic appliances, including flexible partial dentures, clasps, unilaterals and temporaries. All Myerson materials can be processed using pre-programmed settings. You can also save your own settings for any other thermoplastic materials. The integrated heating unit and injector* ensure uniform flow of thermoplastic materials. *Requires connection to air pressure, minimum 90psi (6.2bar)

Features and benefits

- Integrated heating unit both melts thermoplastic material and preheats injection flask
- Digital controller ensures highly accurate temperatures
- Melting Temperature, Melting Time and Hold Time for myerson DuraCetal, myerson DuraFlex, and myerson VisiClear are pre-programmed
- Repeat an injection profile with just the touch of a button
- Program and save your own settings (3 maximum)
- USB port allows easy upgrade of software
- Made in the USA

Myerson HotShotElite Hand-Held Clasp Injector

With the Myerson HotShotElite hand-held clasp injector you can make flexible clasps for removable appliances in under 30 minutes from start to finish. The clasp is made directly on the model, eliminating the need for flasking. HotShotElite offers a quick and easy way to make tissue or tooth coloured clasps, unilaterals and provisional crowns and bridges.

Features and benefits

- Melting temperature is easily programmable
- Can be used with Myersons 3 thermoplastic materials