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CAD/CAM Milling Blocks

Ivoclar IPS e.max ZirCad for inLab IPS e.max ZirCAD Blocks are available in 7 sizes and 3 shades and are milled in the inLab System. Due to the high strength (>900 MPa) after the sintering process they are also indicated for posterior frameworks. The frameworks are either pressed over with IPS e.max ZirPress or veneered with IPS e.max Ceram.
Noritake Katana Zirconia Discs

Simpler fabrication of aesthetic restorations.

Kuraray Noritake have developed and launched a multi-layered zirconia disc for use with CAD/CAM that reproduces the chromatic graduations of natural teeth. This innovation far surpasses what our competitors have to offer.

When single-colour zirconia or glass materials are used, colour adjustments including staining must be performed to provide the variation that gives the restoration a natural appearance. The development of their STML/UTML multi-layered zirconia discs with high translucency has reduced the complexity of this step, making it possible to create a highly aesthetic anterior restoration.