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CAD/CAM Equipment


Why 3shape

3Shape offers technology-leading dental scanners for 3D scanning of both physical impressions and gypsum models. High speed scanners with the capability to provide the accuracy and detail required for full-arch bridges and implant bars. Unique technology features include 5.0 MP cameras, adaptive impression scanning, and texture-capture capabilities. Full integration with 3Shape’s design software ensures the optimal scan-to-design workflow.

Open Technologies

Why Open Technologies?

Ease of use:
The result is a guided scanning procedure that allows the user to digitise each job with ease.

In addition to completely automatic guided procedures the software allows the scanner to be used at an advanced level. More skilled users can make direct use
of all the potential of the scanner and the software, freeing themselves from a schematic, sequential workflow.

The scanner hardware components have been specially designed to ensure maximum reliability: system calibration remains stable over time and general maintenance is minimal.

The scanning system provides standard format output files (STL, OBJ, OFF, PLY), giving the user a completely free choice of model and production strategy

Accuracy of the system <5 micron estimated by comparison with industrial CMM machines
Ease of use
Automatic alignment of the elements
Open positioning of models and abutments
Software modular and upgradeable over time
Work saved continuously and automatically
Output open file format STL, OBJ, OFF, PLY
Easy dialog with main CAD software
Structured light technology
Custom parameters
Automatic re-calibration
Upgrades available
Extended guarantee 24 months

No compulsory licence fees