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'Flexible' Framework Material

Myerson DuraCetal - For Flexible Frameworks

Myerson DuraCetal is a pure, highly crystalline acetal copolymer resin. Acetals are known engineering thermoplastics and also found in other industries. DuraCetal is an ideal, lightweight alternative to partial Cobalt Chrome denture frameworks. It is also indicated for clasps, unilaterals and provisional crown and bridge work.

Features and benefits

- High tensile and flexural strength
- Stiffer thermoplastic material than DuraFlex
- Low moisture absorption
- Natural look and comfortable fit

All Vita Shades
Bleach Shades
3 Tissue Shades

Myerson DuraFlex - For Flexible Partial Dentures

These flexible materials are semi-crystalline plastics with virtually no liquid absorption (0.05% over a period of 135 days). At the processing stage the material stays solid and will reach a melting point. DuraFlex is more resistant to staining (only surface staining and can be easily polished again). Myersons flexible materials can be trimmed with regular acrylic burs, which is an advantage for the dentist at the fitting stage. VisiClear, a clear version of DuraFlex is used mainly for clasps. Myerson DuraFlex is a state of the art thermoplastic material with the ideal combination of flexibility, translucency and durability for use in removable partial dentures and tissue-coloured clasps. Ideally injected using Myersons new FlexPress automated digital injection. DuraFlex is also compatible with other injection systems.

Shades: Dark Pink / Medium Pink / Pink

Features and benefits

- Virtually no moisture absorption
- DuraFlex is practically unbreakable
- Stain resistant - Easy to finish and polish and does not need to be dried prior to injection
- DuraFlex combines a natural look and comfortable fit

Myerson VisiClear - For Clear Clasps & Frameworks

VisiClear is a state of the art thermoplastic for making clear clasps in under 30 minutes using the HotShotElite hand-held clasp injector. VisiClear is 100% monomer and nylon free. VisiClear Cartridges can be used to make clear flexible partial dentures using the FlexPress automated digital injector system or other injection devices.

Features and benefits
- Virtually no moisture absorption
- Durable, but flexible
- Stain resistant
- Natural look and comfortable fit
- Chameleon effect, adapts well to its surroundings