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Dedeco Euro Carbide GOLDIES - HP

Carbide Bur GOLDIES - Revolutionary - Titanium Nitride Coating - The Latest in Abrasive Technology
Guaranteed minimum of 3 times extended tool life.
Faster, smoother & cooler finishing of all materials

Carbide Bur GOLDIES - a combination of top quality tungsten carbide burs to which is applied a unique permanent .0001" gold coloured titanium nitride coating - are the latest in abrasive technology

As a result of the titanium nitride coating process both the 'durability' and 'performance' of the burs are vastly enhanced. Specifically, the coating hardens the carbide surface permitting the cutting edges to remain 'sharper' for a longer period of time. During operation the coating also acts as a continuous lubricant enabling the 'sharper' burs to provide a smoother finish at higher operating speeds

Frequently, with un-coated tools, chips will adhere to the tool itself. When this happens, the chips are eventually pushed back into the workpiece and a ragged surface finish is the result. Chips formed by titanium nitride coated cutters have less tendency to adhere to the tool. The smooth cutting action and easy chip flow both contribute to improved surface finishing.

Any procedure that is presently being done successfully with uncoated carbide burs can now be worked far more successfully with Carbide Bur GOLDIES