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GC Initial Zr

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Highly stable zirconium oxide frameworks are enjoying increased popularity, not least because they allow the fabrication of delicate substructures.

This, in turn, highlights an added aesthetic potential that you can consistenly utilise to your benefit when you use GC Initial Zr- FS.

The excellent wettability of GC Initial Zr-FS ceramic guarantees a perfect bond with the different zirconium oxide frameworks. After firing, the sensitive margins fit extremely snugly on the coping, even when thicker layers are used.

Thanks to the exactly cross-matched coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) of 9.4x106 K-1 (25C-500 C), long cooling times can be dispensed with when you use this ceramic.
This not only saves you precious time, but the exactly cross-matched coefficients of thermal expansion reliably protect your work from stress cracks and fracturing.

All the benefits at a glance

GC Initial Zr-FS
Comprehensive shade and layering system
Exactly cross-matched coefficients of thermal expansion
No long cooling times
Superior aesthetics on high tensile strength zirconium frameworks
Very good wettability
Best adhesion
Natural-looking aesthetics
High biocompatibility
Conventional fixation in the patient's mouth