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Vita VM13 - 3D-Master

Vita VM13 was designed as a feldspar veneering ceramic for metal substructures made of conventional alloys in the CTE range of 13.8 - 15.2. The CTE and the firing temperature of Vita VM13 are optimally matched to high gold content, reduced gold content and palladium based or precious metal-free alloys. With these firing temperatures distortion of the alloy can be virtually ruled out. Vita VM13 is a ceramic, which terms of structure features a considerably more homogeneous distribution of the crystalline and glass phase than traditional ceramics. This type of structure is described as a "fine structure". In addition to improved physical properties, the fine structure of Vita VM13 offers the dental technician and the patient a whole set of advantages. Since Vita VM13 demonstrates excellent grinding and polishing characteristics after firing, it is possible to achieve very smooth surfaces.