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3M Espe Sinfony


Light-Curing Composite

High strength, light-cured, ultra-fine particle composite for complete veeering of stationary and removable restorations on metal frameworks and for customisation of ready made teeth.


Sinfony is a material for a multitude of indications: stationary crowns, telescope and cone crowns, external attachment parts, bridges, adhesive bridges, implant supra-constructions, veneers, non-reinforced inlays/onlays and crowns and fibre-reinforced crowns and bridges long-term temporary work with characterisation, and the customisation of denture teeth from plastic and porcelain.

Product Benefits

- Sinfony offers an economical concept for simple reproduction of the complete Vita colouring system. With 16 opaquers and dentine materials, exactly matched to one another, a brilliant aesthetic shade is achieved even in standard layering

- Sinfony is the only free-flowing veneer material for the direct layering technique. Very simple handling thanks to high-resiliance ready- to-use, thixotropic materials

- A well-balanced ratio of translucence and opacity ensures exact colour reproductions even for thin veneers. The enamel and transparent materials are excellently suited for customised layering of porcelain equivalent restorations with natural fluorescence and opalescence, thereby creating a fascinating vitality and brilliance.

- 4 lifelike, opalescent transpa-opal-materials and fluorescent incisal material

- For efficient and optimum finishing of Sinfony material, the system assortment also offers special rotary instruments for every working procedure through to polishing

- Exceptionally good ease of polishing

- High plaque resistance

- Impressive physical properties: compressive and flexural strength, impact resistance, abrasion and water absorption

Properties which justify describing the system as a new generation of composite technology. in this way, a broad range of indications is achieved.


The Sinfony Magic Intensive shades with 9 intensive shades, the Opaque Dentine Materials as well as 2 additional Enamel-Effect-Materials for the incisal and occlusal areas are available for customisation and characterisation. Using these materials, the light-optical properties of aesthetic restoration can be matched to the natural original in a fascinating and simple layering technique.

- using the 5 Intensive-Opaquers, veneers can be characterised quite individually: in all shades and to any required intensity