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Skillbond Copysil 22

Skillbond Copysil 22

Skillbond Copysil 22
Duplicating Material Based on Addition Curing Vinyl Silicones

Copysil 22 is a fluid precision duplicating material for duplicating of gypsum models. The duplicating mold made from Copysil 22 has a good resistance to tearing and is easily deformable, therefore undercutting areas represent no difficulties.
Copysil 22 is based on high quality addition curing vinyl silicones, resulting a minimum shrinkage and a long stability of the material and the duplicating mold as well as the possibility of repeated casting.
Copysil 22 meets the material requirements of ADA Spec. No. 20.

Dosage and Mixing
Equal amounts (g or ml) of base and catalyst liquid are mixed 45 seconds in a clean mixing pot. While stirring vigorously, try to mix in as little bubbles as possible. The ready mixed material is then poured from 10 - 20 cm high onto one spot of the model within a cell. There is a 4:00 min period (working time at 23C (74F)) after start of mix until the curing reaction becomes noticable. After a setting period of 30 min the model can be demolded.

The duplicating mold can be stored at room temperature, but not close to open solvents and volatile monomers (possibility of absorption and swelling). The duplicating mold should not be casted with gypsum or other investments earlier than 30 minutes after it was finished.
There are no time limitations for storage of the duplicating mold.

Do not store above 25 C (78 F)! Shake well before use.

Do not interchange caps after use, otherwise contamination and premature setting may occur.
Do not use Latex gloves, they may interfere with the setting reaction of the duplicating material.

Skillbond Copysil 22 - Normal - 2 x 1ltrSSC001 £56.18
Skillbond Copysil 22 - Normal - 2 x 1ltr